By Steve Hermanos

October 12, 2016


This is a poem that shouldn’t be happening,

That I don’t wanna write,

An abomination,

A disaster,

A horrible, horrible thang;


Oh you all know what happened,

That 9th inning bomb blasting apart our bullpen,

I can’t even type their names:







A 5-2 lead,

Into a 5-6 loss;




11 straight après-season series victories;


Now this 1 devastating loss to the loveable losers of a hundred and eight years,

The Cubs;


There, I said it;


So, we Giants fans have not felt the wasp-swarm-stinging since 2003’s slippage,

To the Miami Marlins,

Since 2002’s Game 6 collapse against the Angels of Anaheim;


Buster Posey, Madison Bumgarner, Skipper Bruce Bochy, amazing third base coach Tim Flannery, Tim Lincecum’s two no-hitters and two Cy Youngs, Cody Ross whacking 2010 playoff homers, Barry Zito gutting out a Game 3 victory versus the Reds, Travis Ishikawa sending us to the World Series in 2014, Panda Panda Panda, Edgar Renteria, Juan Uribe, Ryan Vogelsong, Matt Cain’s dominance, Joey Panik, Jeremy Affeldt & Javy Lopez in the bullpen, Brandon Crawford, Brandon Belt’s 18th-inning homer in 2014 versus the Nats, Casilla in ’14, Romo in ’12, crazy Brian “The Beard” Wilson;


It takes a whole team to win a team sport,

But I’ll go to my grave,

With visions of Buster Posey’s perfect swing hitting a grand slam off the Reds in 2012,

Of Madison Bumgarner pitching the late innings of 2014 World Series Game 7,

Of fat Panda digging out bullets at third and firing across the diamond,

Of fat Panda swatting two homers in Game 1 of the ’12 World Series off previously-feared Justin Verlander (and Panda added another),

Of fat Panda in foul ground catching the final out of Bumgarner’s Game 7,

Of my wife and son and I hugging and screaming in the upper deck at the ballpark by the Bay,

And at home,

So much baseball ecstasy.


—End of poem

—End of season

—End of dynasty


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