(10.15.2015 No.147 —

By Steve Hermanos


He ain’t much of a second baseman,

He ain’t much of a first,

He’s only use at third is to plug his body into a leaking dyke,

Outfield? Forget it;

Earlier tonight,

It was winner-take-all,

Game 5,

Mets Vs. Trolley Dodgers,

With Mets ace Jacob deGrom struggling,

Vs. Dodgers co-ace Zack Greinke—

Looking like a machine with Dutch Boy hair;

Top 4th

It’s Mets 1—Dodgers 2;

Daniel Murphy slaps a single;

Then on ball 4 to the next batter,

Lucas Duda,

Murph jogs to second,

Noticing no one covering third

(Dodgers’ 3rd baseman Justin Turner is loitering near second,

On the Duda shift),

And there goes Murph, racing to third,

Leaving in his wake stunned Dodgers,


First-to-third on a walk! A walk!

Travis d’Arnaud lofts a fly to deep right, foul,

Andre Ethier does the dumb thing—

In a game in which a run’s worth a billion dollars—

and catches it,

Letting Murph tag up,

And Murph easily scores;

Mets 2—Dodgers 2

Ain’t that a boost,

To even the score off Greinke,

When deGrom looked oh-so-beatable;

Top 6th,

Here’s Murph,

Pulling a long shot to right,

Beyond and above Andre Ethier,

Into the stands;

Mets 3—Dodgers 2;

And that’s how it’s chiseled in stone;

The Dodgers, last winners of the World Series in 1988,

Go home;

The Mets, last winners in ’86,

Go for glory;

Pose Murph stealing 3rd on that walk,

Dip him in gold,

And put up a statue in the ballpark in Queens.

(Mets 3—Dodgers 2)

Series Mets 3—Dodgers 2)

—end of poem

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