(10.10.2015 No.142 — http://www.162BaseballPoems.com)

By Steve Hermanos



Mets 2—Dodgers 1,

Bottom 7th,

Met Noah Syndergaard’s pitching as well as his name’s difficult to spell,

Strikes out Yasmani Grandal,

Walks Enrique Hernandez;

Chutley (Chase Utley),

Phillie cast-off,

On a step downslide from former All-Stardom

Pinch hits for Zack Greinke;

Chutley singles to right, Hernandez to 3rd;

Now Mets manager Terry Collins is taking the baseball from Syndergaard,

And why?

It’s the same stupid thing Dodgers manager Don Mattingly perpetrated yesterday,

Taking the ball from Clayton K.,

And in comes the Round Mound of Superputty, Bartolo Colon;

Here’s Howie Kendrick,

Flair over second on a bounce to Daniel Murphy,

Awkward lob to Ruben Tejada for the force on Chutley,

Who blasts the back of Tejada’s legs,

Tejada flops to the dirt like a Cirque de Soleil performer shot out of the air

by American sniper Chris Kyle;

Tejada holds onto the ball!

Two out,

But the tying run scored and

Tejada’s on the ground, writhing;

And they’re reviewing the play in a bunker in Secaucus;

They’re bringing out the doctor, the meat wagon,

And the geniuses in the bunker,

Deem Chutley safe!

An out is added to the scoreboard,

Chutley takes second,

Tejada’s on the flatbed golfcart, heading to the hospital,

Dodgers fans in delirious delight;

The Dodgers fondle that extra out,

Into back-to-back doubles,

Adrien Gonzalez,

Justin Turner;

Mets fans are sharpening knives, garden implements,

Driving, busing, taking the train-to-the-plane,

Amassing at Kennedy Airport,

Setting up barricades on the Van Wyck,

The Belt Parkway,

Awaiting the Dodgers,

And Chutley.

(Dodgers 5—Mets 2)

(Series tied 1—1)

—end of poem

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