(10.06.2015 No.138 —

By Steve Hermanos


Bottom 9th,

AL Wild Card game,

Astros 3—0 Yankees;

No-name-nowhere Astro Luke Gregerson;

Strikes out multimillionaire Yankee-for-now Carlos Beltran,

The attendees at Yankee Stadium boo;

Can they be called fans,

(Fans short for fanatics)?

No, they’re not fanatics for anything;

They’re consumers expecting a better show

For their thousand dollars,

Their mouths otherwise stuffed with cold shrimp;

They feel ripped off,

Realizing in retrospect,

The cover charge was exorbitant,

For these dancing ladies in pinstripes,

The over-the-hill ex-stars,

The youngsters with no swagger,

The Japanese pitcher who was sexy in Japan;

“This is not the outcome we paid for!”

Oh, remember that old Stadium,

The raucous, reverberating encouragement,

The vibes intimidating opposing pitchers into melting witches,

Remember the D-Backs’ Byung-hyun Kim literally crumpling in successive nights in 2001?

Remember Chris Chambliss in ’76?

I was there,

Game 2, 1996 World Series,

Atlanta Braves’ Greg Maddux slaying Yankee after Yankee,

And we shouted “Let’s Go Yankees!”

As loud as we could,

“Let’s Go Yankees!”

Shook the stands;

“Let’s Go Yankees!”

And after Maddux,

Left his mark of death,

A 2-0 shutout,

Leaving the Yankees down 2 game to 0,

We quietly departed,

As if from a funeral,

Not booing as if departing a bad striptease;

Destiny, Mystique—

Long ago they shook their heads at this Stadium,

Bought a boat in the Bahamas,

And take tourists snorkeling,

Astounding fish

Amidst the remaining reefs;

Tonight, in the middle innings, it was quiet at the Stadium,

Quiet so you could perform complicated surgery,

Get your knitting done,

Do the Sunday crossword;

The Astros made the Bronx their comfy Airbnb for the night

(“How do you guys like the new towels? Soft, aren’t they?”);

And with a Brian McCann grounder to Carlos Correa,

Over to first for the out,

The 2015 Yankee season is now fully consumed,

Amidst boos.

The Astros!


Time to tear down the new Stadium,

And build the old one.

—end of poem

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