(7.19 No.90 — http://www.162BaseballPoems.com)

By Steve Hermanos

Painting the inside stairway,
I’m cool, while the sun bakes exterior surfaces,
Shirtless, lumpy, hairy,
No one in the house,
Listening to Mets Vs. Cardinals,
Going into Extras;

The Mets ’n Cards
Have played shift-long games,
Into the wee, murky hours,
Into delirium;

Wasn’t there a 25-inning game,
in the ’70’s?
A 20-inning game in the 2010’s?

The team emanating from the polluted swamps of Queens,
The team from The Exact Middle, the polluted Mighty Missip:
Together, America!

And as each step is painted,
In a greenish-taupe picked by Mrs. L.,
The Mets get a run in the top of the 13th;
The Cards tie it in the bottom of the 13th;
Inning after inning,
Juan Lagares goes 2 for 10,
Wilmer Flores is 3 for a zillion,
Lucas Duda is 0 for 7 with 2 walks,
Colton Wong is 1 for 8,
Pete Kozma 0 for 6;

Mets pitcher Jacob deGrom
Pinch hits,
Earns a walk;
The Cardinals’ Carlos Martinez,
A starter,
Is pitching the 15th, 16th, 17th;

The steps are done (the first coat)
And I’m swirling the off-white,
To touch up the banisters;

18th inning:
Mets’ Wilmer Flores singles;
Curtis Granderson singles;
Kevin Plawecki sac bunt, error by Carlos Martinez:
Bases loaded, no outs;
Ruben Tejada sac fly,

Mets 2—Cards 1;

Eric Campbell sac bunt,
Granderson scores;

Mets 3—Cards 1;

The Mets hold
The Cards in the bottom of the 18th,

And the Cards
Hit the showers,
The saline IVs,
Remaining the best team in baseball;

And the Mets,,
Ride the A/C bus to the airport,
Fly to D.C. first class,
Catapulting through the sky,
In victory,
To challenge the 1st-place Nationals;

If the Mets,
Play a meaningful game
In October,
They’ll point back at this sweaty game,
And I’ll remember the steps.

—end of poem

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